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The reason to choose Power Supply Modules instead of discrete solutions

The reason to choose Power Supply Modules instead of discrete solutions

In the design of electronic and electrical circuits, the choice between power supply modules and discrete components is a fundamental decision that can define the performance and efficiency of a project.

In this article let’s try to understand the reasons power supply modules are a better solution instead of using discrete components to make an ACDC and/or DCDC converter. Moreover, we will discover how eMergy Tech can drive customer in the choice of right Power Supply module (ACDC and/or DCDC converter)..

What are power supply modules and the discrete components?

When it talks about power supply modules and discrete components what does it mean?

  • Power supply module is a single component (made by more electronic and electrical items). This single component can increase the power efficiency, reduce design time ans board space, because it is a complete component which realizes the power supply unit. Moreover, its use can reduce managing and production costs respect to a discrete component solution.

  • While, the design to power supply unit with discrete components need the use of more electronic and electrical items which have defined and single functionalities, like: resistors, capacitors, inductors. In this case we talk about a power supply design which need a complete project activity from the choice of all items and developing of an electrical schematics, passing through PCB mastering and testing of the device. All these activities increase the managing and production cost.

The Power Supply modules advantages

The use of an AC/DC and/or DC/DC module has multiple advantages compared to the development of the same power supply with discrete components. Let’s find out why to therefore choose power modules.

The Power Supply modules advantages

1. Power efficient and low compsumation

The power supply modules are designed to provide a stable output voltage and an efficient power supply, reducing the Power losses.

2. Simple design and time reducing

Thanks to the use of Power Supply Modules, the design activity becomes simple and faster reducing a lots the developing time.

3. Costs rduction

The reduction of the BOM (bill of material) to produce a power supply with a discrete solution results in a saving in the cost both for the single components purchasing and managing /assembly of material.

4. Space reduction

The compact design results in a reduction of boards size, space and weight which is fundamental in the products where the space limitation is important.

5. Power Supply releability

The design and development of a power supply module is less prone to failure than a discrete components solution. A designer can benefit from fully tested and documented reliability data of power supply module under all specified operating conditions.

6. Advantages for managing activity (purchasing and production)

Modularity offers management advantages and greater flexibility in projects, resulting in rapid adaptation to market needs. This means a faster time to market.

Discrete components solutions limitations

When talking about electronic and electrical design it is important to also understand the limitations of discrete components:

  • Need for greater maintenance and control. Discrete components require more frequent maintenance and closer monitoring, generating higher operating costs than power supply modules, as well as a higher probability of failure because there are more elements.
  • Complexity in design and assembly. Design and assembly can be complex and requires advanced technical skills. This can delay development times and increase the risk of errors in the circuits production.
  • Variability in performance and consumption. Discrete components solutions are subjected to performance variation due to components tolerance. So the instability in the production and repeatability result in different performances and reliability.
  • Shortage problems. The availability of discrete components may be affected by shortage issues in the market. This situation can cause interruptions in the supply chain, slowing down production times and affecting the availability of products.

When the Power Supply Modules make the difference

Using power modules allows manufacturers to accelerate the delivery of designs to production while reducing overall risk and costs. While not the perfect solution for every application, these elements are gaining more and more traction in numerous enterprise projects and products.

Additionally, power supply development made by module-based systems exhibit superior thermal performance and layout efficiency compared to discrete circuits. This results in greater reliability of module-based power systems. In conclusion, an additional benefit for module users is immediate access to reliability data from the early design stages.

Do you need more reasons to choose power modules? eMergy Tech comes to your rescue!

Choose eMergy Tech for standard and customized power supply solutions

Relying on eMergy Tech means choosing a team with long and consolidated experience in the power supply solutions market. As distributors of electrical components, we dedicate maximum care and commitment to the quality of our service.

Among our services we also offer customized consultancy: our TEAM identify, among the lines we represent, the ideal solution in terms of AC/DC, DC/DC or components (transformers, coils, electrolytic capacitors). Furthermore, upon specific request, we also take care of the customized design of the power supply, ensuring perfect alignment with the customer’s needs.

In short, our customer consultancy aims to make our skills in the field of power supply market available to the customer. For this reason we are available to illustrate in detail the technical specifications and functioning of each product.

In conclusion, the customer relationship does not end with the delivery of the power module. At eMergy Tech we are committed to providing ongoing support and unparalleled technical expertise.

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