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DC/DC Converters

Our proposal for DC/DC converters both standard and customized can cover a wide part of applications like medical, industrial, railway, domotics, photovoltaics, renewable energy, etc.

Our portfolio consists in three different lines:

Glary Power Technology

Alimentatori DC DC Glary

Providing solution with output power from 30W to 2000W, Glary DC/DC Power Supply are built-in with high technology structures and components in DOSE format size distinguish from competitors for compact size and high-density output power.

Particularly, our DC/DC solutions can be provided both isolation between input and output side up to 3000Vdc value and without isolation.


Alimentatori DC DC Mornsun

Mornsun DC/DC converters provide an output power from 0,25W to 400W with the possibility to get different input range voltage like: standard 2:1 e 4:1 (from 4.5V to 75V), or for photovoltaics application from 200V to 1500V and for railway market from 14V to 160V. 

Output voltage values are the standard ones but it is possible to propose those ones on customer request. Moreover, the choice can be done for isolated or non-isolated solution to be suitable to all applications.

Size format available are like standard DIP and SIP and DOSE for PCB mounting or for DIN RAIL version.  


Alimentatori DC DC Powergood

Inside our proposal we have Powergood DC/DC converter brand in standard DIP/SIP/DOSE format size. This series of DC/DC converters is different than other ones on our portfolio because they are built-in with EMI filters which can simplify the design of power supply unit reducing the total size. 

These DC/DC converters can cover output power form 1W to 700W and made by isolation feature or less with input voltage range like standard 2:1, 4:1 and railway

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eMergy Tech DC/DC converter certifications

the DC/DC converter we distribute are certified following the European and Worldwide safety standards/rules as required by markets in which they are used. 

He certifications are the product warrantee in terms of quality and reliability, for this reason our DC/DC converters meet below standards/rules: 

Moreover, they achieve European directives in terms of material restrictions:

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