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The ideal partner for Your Power Unit Choice

Since 2011 eMergy Tech is the ideal partner in the choice of Power Supply for all electronic equipments used in many sectors/applications.

We provide technical consulting and distribute both ACDC / DCDC modules and components to developing power supply by discrete components with the possibility to suggest and make project feasibility for customized solution by customer specs


Consulting on electrical components

By our consulting service, we suggest to all customers a qualified support both for the right choice of single modules ACDC and/or DCDC converter and for electrical components (coils, transformers and capacitors) beginning the feasibility phase to technical design to development up to orders management.

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eMergy Tech, alimentatori e componentistica

Our partners

Our experience in power supplies consulting and distribution is more than 10 years of activity, and it let us to develop relationship with many manufacturers in the power supply market.

Discover the power supply world with the eMergy Tech news

Our blog offers a direct access to the latest products lunches, technologies innovations and news about electronic and power supply world. Here you can also find all the news to be updated with our activities, new brands and new products form our consolidated lines distributed.

Soluzioni di Alimentazione Elettrica per IoT

Power Supply for IoT application: all solutions

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with the digital and physical world. With the exponential increase in connected devices, it becomes essential to identify reliable solutions to guarantee continuous and sustainable power..

Designing of efficient and reliable Power Supply

Since we opened the doors of our company in Corsico, we work every day for offering and proposing customized products, improved by our wide standard products and components which are certified for the latest standards and rule and built-in with highest top technologies.

All this is enhanced by our precious consultancy which, since our inception, has allowed us to provide a service for the design of power supply based on quality, efficiency and reliability.

Our solutions and offer

Our cataloghe proposes quality products for power supply and electrical components.

AC/DC modules

We distribute six lines for ACDC converter: EOS Power, Mornsun, Powergood, VOX Power, YINGJIAO Electrical and Selec.

DC/DC modules

DC/DC converter by Glary, Mornsun e Powergood brands are developed for different applications: telecommunication, railway, industrial, renewable energy, etc.

Coils, Transformers, IC controller and Transceiver

All our components to use for build-in power supply let strength performances because meet EMC/EMI European standard.


We propose a wide and complete choice for electrolytic capacitors high tech by ZEASSET Electronic Technology, which means quality and reliability.

Talk about Your project, optimize together your Power UNIT

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