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Customized electrical component consultancy

Electrical consulting services tailored to all market needs

Consulenza Componentistica Elettrica

At eMergy Tech we offer a customized consultancy service to create power solutions with high-quality electrical components.

We work closely with our customers, guaranteeing qualified support, starting from the analysis and technical design phase up to commercial and after-sales assistance.

Which does our customized electrical consultancy consist?

Customized consultancy aims to make our knowledge in the field of power supply completely available to the customer.

We manage every support request by providing, in the initial choice of components, an effective and calibrated solution that adapts to the different needs of a constantly evolving market.

We manage:

Standard Compliance

At eMergy Tech, thanks to our knowledge of the standards/rules and market trends specific to our sectors, we are committed to providing customers with the most suitable products updated with current standards/rules.

Having direct distribution contracts with our represented lines, we offer all the useful documentation to proceed with the certification of electronic equipments in the relevant laboratories. In this way we allow our customers to market their equipment for various applications all over the world.

Failure Analysis

Our Failure Analysis service aims to determine the causes of malfunction both standard and customized products. Collaborating directly with our represented lines, we request an RMA number, which is a request to initiate the product return procedure, so that our partners can analyze, identify and take the right actions to recover the failure, repair or replace failed units and prevent the problem from recurring.

In the event of failure caused by a malfunction of the power supply, the modules still under warranty that return for inspection and cannot be repaired are replaced with new units.

Technical Consultancy

Our attention is always directed to the customer and what he actually needs. Starting from an accurate initial analysis of the application, we identify the most suitable ACDC and/or DCDC solution and/or components (transformers, wound coils, electrolytic capacitors) within the lines we represent.

Upon customer specifications we also take care of the design of the power supply which meets these requirements providing a customization solution, so that it can be perfectly aligned with the customer’s needs. Furthermore, we make ourselves available to explain in detail the technical specifications and operating methods of each individual product.

Stock Analisys (buyer analysis)

We collaborate with customers to evaluate the volumes of products requested from us, with the aim of avoiding shortage problems with related production stops, allowing efficient management of stocks and simplifying order processing.

Pre-sells service

Our company policy includes a pre-sale service. In fact, it is our habit to provide customers with samples of our products to conduct all the necessary tests (functional, temperature, stress tests, etc.) in order to be able to approve the AC/DC and/or DC/DC of interest. Thanks to this procedure they can issue orders without having the doubt that the product supplied is not adequate and functional for their application.

During this phase, the standard products, which come from our consolidated production lines, are subjected to rigorous tests, with related documentation certifying their specification like data sheet declare.

Instead, if the customer requires a customized solution we actively collaborate with our designers to respond to his needs and required specifications. In this scenario, we are the ones who take on a central role by preparing the project feasibility, BOM cost and related documentation up to the product development to provide his requested electrical solution.

Post-sells service

To ensure our customers receive the best possible service, we also guarantee after-sales assistance. After the purchase we are always available to analyze and resolve any possible anomaly or operating problem related to our products.

Talk us about requirements for your power supply unit

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eMergy Tech is the official distributor of the major brands of ACDC & DCDC converters

We are the official Italian distributor for Companies that deal with electrical components and we have a complete offer capable of responding to every type of request in terms of ACDC and DCDC converters.

Within our standard product portfolio, we offer reliable and high-performance components, which guarantee long life and a high standard of quality.