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AC/DC Converters

Our decades of experience in the power supply field allows us to offer a wide range of products for this kind of product which all electronic equipments use and which is their mainly component.

In particular within our catalog, it is possible to choose between AC/DC power supplies of six lines:

EOS Power

Alimentatori AC DC Eos Power

Between the suggestions in our portfolio, there are 2 specifics kind of ACDC converters by EOS Power brand, available both medical applications and industrial one, with output power from 40W to 1000W: 

  • OPEN FRAME, in format size 2”x3”, 2”x4” e 3”x5”, with possibility to be built in COVER and/or FAN and/or DIN RAIL clip. 
  • BOXED, with or less FAN for cooling method.

Adding, these power supply let to get output voltages like: 12V, 15V, 24V, 30V, 48V e 56V.


Alimentatori AC DC Mornsun

Thank the long-time relationship with Mornsun, we can suggest AC/DC power supply modules from 1W to 1500W.

Mornsun ACDC line let to choose three input voltage depends on application:

  • Monophase, with universal input range (85-264Vdc) or wider (85-305Vac).
  • Three phase, perfected for input voltage from 180Vac to 600Vac.
  • Photovoltaics, ideal for photovoltaics applications with input voltage range: 85-900Vac or 450-1500Vac

Mornsun solutions are available in many formats: PCB mounting, Open Frame, Enclosed, DIN RAIL and Boxed, with or less active PFC.

VOX Power

Alimentatori AC DC Vox Power

During the years, we decided to insert in our line card configurable ACDC power supply by VOX Power brand. The output power proposed is from 150W to 2400W useful for medical and industrial applications

The flexibility of AC/DC VOX Power consists in the possibility to set up the output voltage value by single modules @ 150W and 300W. 

Products series are available in the versions:

  • VCCS300 🡪 runs up to 300W in conduction cooled
  • VCCM600 🡪 runs up to 600W in conduction cooled
  • NEVO+600 🡪 runs up to 600W in forced cooled by built-in fan
  • NEVO+1200 🡪 runs up to 1200W in forced cooled by built-in fan
  • 2 x NEVO+1200 🡪 runs up to 2400W in forced cooled by built-in fan


Alimentatori AC DC Selec

Our AC/DC converters selection is also integrated by SELEC brand which let us satisfy safety standards for medical and industrial applications with modules can supply output power from 15W to 480W, in the below format size:

  • OPEN FRAME solutions, available in the standard size 2”x4 and 3”x5”
  • DIN RAIL version

Output voltage values are the standard ones: 3.3Vdc, 5Vdc, 12Vdc, but it is possible to customize it on customer request.

Yingjiao Electrical

Alimentatori AC DC Yingjiao Electrical

We distribute a wide line of AC/DC converts by Yingjiao Electrical brand, ideal for medical, industrial and lighting markets.

Our solution is from 6W to 500W output power. Format sizes are:

  • Enclosed for PCB mounting from da 5W to 60W
  • Desktop and Wall Mount from 6W to 400W
  • DIN RAIL from 15W to 960W
  • BOXED with or less fan from 36W to 500W
  • Battery charge from 6W to 150W
  • AC/DC LED DRIVER for both indoor and outdoor application from 5W output power

Adding, desktop, Wall Mount and battery charge products, can be provided with DC Plug as customers need.

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AC/DC power supply certified

Our effort for excelling in our proposal is in the suggesting AC/DC power supply certified.

Our products over strenght test for meet safety standard like: UL/CSA, CCC e CE. This means products suggested respects all European and Worldwide standards/rules like:

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