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Glary Power Technology authorized distributor: eMergy Tech

eMergy Tech is the Glary Power Technology official distributor. Since 2011 eMergy Tech has dedicated its efforts to creating and consolidating lasting collaborations with companies and businesses in the power supply sector.

One of the most significant partnerships that has its roots since 2006, when Engineer Bovatti was still working independently, before forming his company. The collaboration continued over the years, even with the birth of eMergy Tech, with very satisfactory results, demonstrating the profound synergy that exists between these 2 companies in the industrial, automotive and telecom sectors.

Discovering more about this relationship.

Glary Power Technology Company

Based in Taiwan, Glary Power Technology is a company founded in 1998 specialized in the production of high efficiency and density DCDC converters for the conversion from direct voltage to another voltage. Its solutions are widely used in the telecommunications, data processing and industrial control sectors.

Compared to other enterprises, Glary Power Technology stands out for its expertise in high power density manufacturing. It is able to offer cutting-edge solutions with more compact module dimensions than its competitors, managing to guarantee superior performance with a reduction in the space used.

Thanks to the wide range of technical platforms, ranging from the Half Brick (approximately 60 x 60mm) to more compact options such as the 64th of Brick, Glary develops customized products with high performance in terms of efficiency and size.

Glary Power Technology distributor

But how did eMergy Tech’s collaboration with the Taiwanese company come about? It began in 2006 thanks to the intuition and foresight of its founder, Alberto Bovatti. Starting from 2011, eMergy Tech recognized the innovative potential of Glary Power Technology’s power conversion solutions and became its official distributor in Italy.

This collaboration is based on shared values such as innovation, reliability and attention to customer needs. In fact, it is not limited only to the distribution of products, but also extends to a cooperation that includes technical consultancy activities and after-sales support.

All Glary Power Technology series distributed by eMergy Tech

For us at eMergy Tech, the partnership with Glary Power Technology represents an important step forward in our commitment to providing customers with the best technologies available on the market.

The famous brand offers a wide range of technical platforms on which it is possible to implement customized electrical specifications, in packages of the DOSE standard from the Half Brick to the Quarter Brick, the eighth of a brick up to the 64th of a brick, with powers ranging from 30W to 2000W . In particular, the DC/DC power solutions distributed by us can be created with or without isolation between input and output up to 6000Vdc of galvanic isolation. This flexibility allows us to customize solutions based on customer needs.

Furthermore, our collaboration with the Taiwanese company is based on close electrical consultancy with the customer. In this way we ensure that each proposal can be designed and adapted to the precise needs of the project.

If you rely on us, consultancy process goes like this:

  1. the customer provides us with the required electrical and mechanical specifications and we at eMergy Tech analyze them in detail;
  2. then we turn to Glary Power Technology to obtain the information. If, during the creation process, we identify critical issues, we carefully evaluate the various changes to be made with the customer.

It is thanks to this tailor made approach that we have become official distributors of Glary Power Technology. And we can offer our customers privileged access to the most innovative solutions in the field of power conversion.

If you would like to learn more about our Glary Power Technology solutions and related applications, contact us.

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