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Electrical components for power supply

Coils, Transformers, IC Controllers and Transceiver

The choice of right electrical components is very important to make power supply units which are reliable and efficient.

Our relationship with many manufacturers lets us to propose a wide solution in terms of coils, transformers, IC controllers and transceiver for 232/485/CAN Bus communications. 

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Componentistica per Alimentatori


Inside our portfolio we can propose coils by Mornsun and Yingjiao Electrical brands. 

The two manufacturers, leader in developing and production of coil components, use these components for their AC/DC and DC/DC productions. 

Thank you different solution and possibility to provide customized solutions, we can help customers to use coils following their electrical specifications.


Trasformatori Yingjiao Electrical


With an offer from Mornsun brand to Yingjiao Electrical one, we can suggest solutions for any applications and needed. 

Both manufacturers develop inside the transformers design and production this means we can propose customized solution when customers ask us for developing a transformer which achieve his electrical specifications. 

IC Controller

Controllori Mornsun

IC Controller

IC Controllers have a key role in the manufacturing of AC/DC, DC/DC and Transceiver. 

Our line consists in Mornsun brand devices in the standard format size like SOT and DFN for PCB mounting, used in Mornsun AC/DC, DC/DC and Transceiver productions. Moreover, we guarantee to the customers the possibility to develop power supply units make by discrete components with Mornsun IC Controllers in alternative to those ones by competitors.


Transceiver e componentistica per alimentatori


For managing and design communications parts inside the power supply units, we propose integrated modules for 232/485/CAN Bus communications like Mornsun Transceivers

These devices guarantee speed rate transmission up to 5Mbps and offer isolation between communication channels up to 3500Vdc. Moreover, they are available for PCB mounting both enclosed version and open frame.

EMC/EMI Filters

Filtri EMC EMI Mornsun

EMC/EMI Filters

To complete our components proposal, there are EMC/EMI filters which are devices used to reduce electromagnetic emissions. 

Our filters are produced by Mornsun brand and they are compatible for AC/DC and DC/DC design. Adding, the choice can be made depend on application field: industrial or medical or railway, ensuring an ideal and high-level rate for EMC/EMI emissions.

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Components meet EMC / EMI standards

The right compliance to the standards and rules it is fundamental for all electrical components in order to guarantee stability and low noise performances of power supply units. For this reason, our solutions meet the latest standards in terms of EMC / EMI requirements. 

As electrical components distributor, eMergy Tech works at strength contact with our and manufacturer lines to put our efforts in suppling high-quality devices which are developed to meet the rigorous standards of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

All our products over all EMC / EMI tests getting EMC compliance certification following those one used in all word. 

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