eMergy Tech, Alimentazione per Apparecchiature Elettroniche

eMergy Tech is the country office for VOX POWER brand in Italy

Nowadays the synergy between suppliers of power solutions takes on a role of primary importance:

  • on the one hand, eMergy Tech stands out as the representative and therefore the office in Italy of the Vox Power brand
  • on the other, the Irish company based in Dublin affirms its leadership in the field of electrical power.

In particular, eMergy Tech offers the range of configurable products of the reliable and well-known brand just mentioned. A collaboration which, however, goes far beyond the simple representation of VOX products: we at eMergy Tech are strategic partners capable of providing complete support from the initial stages of each project.

Continue reading to discover all the details of the collaboration.

The partnership between eMergy Tech and Vox Power

The partnership between the two companies began in 2012, but since 2019 eMergy Tech has operated as the Italian office for Vox Power and acts as the official representative for the promotion and distribution of the Irish company’s products on Italian territory.

Specifically, it promotes products, facilitates the design process and manages the initial sales phase, including customer research, identification of design opportunities and the provision of samples.

Once the power supply approval has been obtained, eMergy Tech directs the customer directly to Vox Power to conclude the sales process. Subsequently, eMergy Tech also plays an intermediary role ensuring complete support from start to finish.

Vox Power: Power Supply leader

But who is Vox Power? Founded in Dublin in 2006, the company is a leader in the power supply sector, thanks to its variety of configurable and reliable products for industrial, technological, medical, telecommunications and renewable energy applications.

Vox Power’s mission has always been to provide customers with a competitive advantage through advanced products and impeccable technical support service.

The lines product Vox Power represented by eMergy Tech

The range of Vox Power products that we represent at eMergy Tech includes:

  • series NEVO+600 and NEVO+1200: AC/DC modules configurable with powers included between 150 W and 2,400 W, which are cooled with a built-in fan or by conduction therefore without fan;
  • VCCM600 and VCCS300 series: compact 300W single-output AC/DC modules, conduction cooled and with the possibility of paralleling up to 900W;
  • series VCCR300: 300W compact single output DC/DC modules, cooled by conduction.

These power supplies offer an exceptional combination of light weight and compactness, along with unique features and functionality. This allows customers to develop innovative equipment that meets the needs of an ever-changing market.

The equipment that eMergy Tech promotes as a representative of Vox Power finds application in multiple sectors. For example, in the medical sector, the power supplies of the renowned brand are used in devices such as lasers for aesthetic treatment and ultrasound machines, where compactness and lowThese power supplies offer an exceptional combination of light weight and compactness, along with unique features and functionality.

the others markets and applications are:

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