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How choose the best power supply for railway application

The choice of the right power supply is very important especially for railway application. The reason is it has to guarantee a reliable power supply with protection to the over voltages, over currents and short circuits.

In this article we analyze the importance of power supply in the railway sector and offer guidelines for an informed choice on the use of this device.

The main power supply specifications for railway using

An electrical component for the railway sector must be able to manage and withstand particular conditions such as voltage and current variations, extreme weather conditions during operation.

In the details, 4 are the main aspects to consider

The features of the best power supplies for railway use

Voltage Range: understand the system requirements

The railway systems use different inputs voltage from 14Vdc to 170Vdc in function on the application (on board train and/or the platform, etc.).

They are necessary to supply different equipments like electronic displays, system braking system, open/close doors systems, lighting systems, etc.

Before selecting a feeder, it is necessary to fully understand the specific needs of the railway application in which it will be used.

Power efficiency

Today the energy efficiency is a main topic also for railway applications both to get economic and environmental advantages.

Using efficient power supplies enables the adoption of more sustainable practices in the rail sector: from reducing energy waste to lower production costs to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Reliable to the external elements: warranty a long life to the product

Power supplies for railway use must ensure that they can operate reliably in confined spaces and under conditions of electrical, mechanical and thermal stress. In short, they must be able to withstand the difficult environmental conditions present in trains, such as vibrations, temperature and humidity stress, fire, smoke. In addition, they must be able to work continuously for many hours, without neglecting the EMC/EMI emission part which must comply with the most recent standards in order to avoid disturbances and/or noise allowing problem-free operation of the power supply, especially for all “communication” parts between trains and control stations, alarm systems, etc..

For this reason, they require a high degree of electrical and structural integrity to withstand these conditions and operate reliably.

Standards and rules: make sure they comply with the needs of the rail sector

The power supply used in railway applications have to be compliant to railway standards and rules, like EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 61373 e EN 44545-2 in order to guarantee the performances in these applications independently from electrical, environmental or fire risks.

The EN 50155 standard is an European rule which covers the requirement specs from operating temperature, vibrations, humidity, input voltage ranges, EMC the electronic equipments have to satisfy.

The EN 50121-3-2 standard i a rule which refers to EMC aspect like Radiate and Conduct emissions, the overvoltage and so on.

What take in consideration in the choice of Power Supply for railway application

Modern trains have more advanced technologies than their predecessors and, at the moment, include many innovative safety features: more sensors and low-voltage actuators. Furthermore, passengers on modern trains use sophisticated infotainment functions.

For this reason, ensuring safety and comfort would not be possible without the availability of multiple power supplies that provide constant DC voltage levels, uncontaminated by external sources of electrical noise.

Choosing a carefully selected power supply that meets the relevant safety standards will contribute to optimal operation, increasing efficiency and sustainability to operate in the demanding railway environment.

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eMergy Tech’s commitment for railway power supplies

At eMergy Tech we are committed to meeting the needs of a wide range of application areas, including railways. Our power supplies are state-of-the-art and are designed to meet the complex needs of this industry.

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